About us

Our purpose

Help Americans take control of their retirement with free education, insights, tools and workshops, as well as one-on-one access to a network of licensed financial professionals.

With the emergence of the internet, social media and 24/7 news cycle, there’s a ton of financial misinformation bombarding us daily. And to add to the stress, how do you know which financial professional you can trust?

RETIREMENT OPTIMIZED is a complimentary educational program powered by a nationwide network of experienced financial professionals committed to helping everyday Americans build stronger retirement plans.

gain control

Our goal is to educate Americans so they can avoid the most common retirement planning mistakes. We aim to look at all angles and create understanding for the critical role of tax-smart retirement strategies that provide a sustainable stream of protected income. Our educational resources, tools and workshops are designed to help workers and retirees make informed decisions so they can gain control and improve their retirement outlook.